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A Winning Public Relations Game Plan

Which is precisely why this article is titled "A Winning Public Relations Game Plan." Winning, because the plan is based squarely on the reality that people's perceptions of the facts directly affect their behaviors. And that something can be done about those underlying perceptions, especially in a land celebrated

for the free exchange of ideas.

Fortunately, public relations will continue to create, change or reinforce

public opinion by reaching, persuading and moving to action those people

whose behaviors affect the organization. When the behavioral changes become

apparent, and meet the program's original behavior modification goal, that

public relations venture can be called a success.

And so it will be again as the American economy again points to growthHow will you communicate each message to its audience? How will you reach

these people? Your choices include face to face meetings, briefings, newsspecial promotional events, a brochure, and a variety of other communicationsAnd don't forget special events as a means for reaching those target audiences

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